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Raw oak dark - a kitchen with attitude and warmth


Now we highlight a front with a rustic and modern expression - Raw Oak Dark. The front has an oak veneer, about 2,5 mm thick, which is raw sawn veneer by veneer and then put together to give the front a completely unique look. With a dark pigment in hard wax oil, the surface gets its black/brown tone with a beautiful luster. A kitchen to have for many years to come and it fits just as well in the holiday home, the mountain cottage as in the home kitchen. If you stroke over the front with your hand, you can feel the structure in the surface, but it is not rough. You wipe the surface with a cloth or scrub it with a soft brush. Soap is the wood's best friend.

Just like our other doors, Raw Oak dark is adapted to IKEA's kitchen and wardrobe bases. For a functional and affordable alternative that together with a beautiful wooden craft in oak will be sustainable solutions with a lot of feeling and warmth.


With the concrete worktop and matt black details, the kitchen is complete.

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