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What do I order from IKEA?

At IKEA you buy bases, shelves, hinges, dampers, drawer inserts and legs.
Keep in mind that if you have hidden drawers in your kitchen then an inner front
is needed for these drawers that are also purchased from IKEA.


do you help draw up kitchens?

Most people start with a visit to IKEA to get help with getting the kitchen designed or they do it themselves via their planning tools, on the web. But we can also help you draw up your Ikea kitchen. Contact us and we will tell you more.  


How do I order my Bucks and Spurs fronts?

The ordering process is simple.

Step 1: Make an IKEA drawing and order your kitchen bases Metod from IKEA - unless you don't already have an IKEA kitchen with Metod bases.  


Step 2: After ordering your bases etc. at IKEA, in the B&S shop you click on the number of cabinet doors, drawer fronts, cover pages in different sizes etc you
need for your IKEA bases. Complete the payment and attach your IKEA drawing. Email to  


Step 3: We handle your order and will return with delivery confirmation within
48 hours.

We start production of your order once your payment has been registered.
Delivery time varies - you get information about lead time when ordering. 


Do your fronts fit in all IKEA kitchen cabinets?

Our fronts fit IKEA's Metod bases.  


What about drawers and hinges, etc.?

Our fronts, both hinged doors and drawers fit IKEA's hinges and box. You buy these at IKEA when you order your cabinets. Bucks and Spurs only supply the fronts.  


Do you manufacture wardrobe fronts?

You can order fronts (doors) for Ikeas Pax wardrobes with us. We only do hinged doors, but in all standard sizes. 


What is Bucks and Spurs quality?

All our products are manufactured in Sweden (Falköping) with a focus on quality and implementation. All our fronts are made of oak-paneled chipboard. We hand saw each veneer and assemble them by hand to each door. All edges are veneered with smooth oak. The doors are painted with a matte lacquer in the color you have chosen.


Do Bucks and Spurs Ikea kitchens fit?

Unfortunately we do not assemble Ikea kitchen. The installation of frobts and drawer fronts is a very simple and easy-to-click system adapted to Ikea's Metod bases.  


Can I order a front, cover panel or else with my own dimensions?

We can supply fronts in special dimensions at an extra cost, contact us.

Doors and fronts are adapted to Ikea Method bases. 


Do you officially co-operate with IKEA?

Bucks and Spurs do not cooperate with IKEA in any official way. We simply think that their products that offer great flexibility for kitchens etc. are very good and would like to give you the opportunity to create a fantastic fine wooden kitchen with our fronts together with their products. We refer to the following disclaimer from IKEA: “Inter IKEA Systems B.V. is the owner of the IKEA business name and The IKEA® brand, registered in Sweden and other countries. "Bucks and Spurs" is not connected to Inter IKEA Systems B.V. and Inter IKEA Systems B.V.'s trademarks and trade names are used only to describe the services provided. Their use in no way indicates any connection between "Bucks and Spurs" and Inter IKEA Systems B.V. "

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