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In the same nice design, with raw-cut oak, as our kitchen we do bathroom decor.

Commode, bathroom cabinets with and without doors as well as a mirror
with wooden frame as a kit or you just select one of them: 
The commode is hung on rail or
placed on steel racks. The bathroom commode is available in width 60 cm and 120 cm as standard,
but can also be ordered in other desired dimensions. This also applies to the bathroom cabinets.
All items are made to order.


Material - With a frame in wood laminate, outside with raw-sawn oak veneer, inside with smooth oak and wooden boxes you will get a bathroom furniture to enjoy for many years to come. Top plate with integrated basin is manufactured in concrete or corian in any color. Both the concrete and Corian variants are available in special dimensions. 

The bathroom sketch to the right is from one of our projects.

Price for bathroom commode B60 with concrete top and sink
Width 60 cm, Height 70 cm, Depth 50 cm - approx. 38.000 SEK

Price for bathroom commode B120 with concrete top and 2 sinks Width 120 cm, Height 70 cm, Depth 50 cm - about 67.000 SEK

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