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Custom made at its best - large or small kitchen, special solutions or just a regular kitchen.
We will solve this together with you and our skilled carpenters. 


Material -  All surfaces on fronts have hand-sawn oak veneer with raw-sawn surface which gives each kitchen its unique look. A genuine craft that turns into sustainable kitchens with a lot of feeling and warmth. With a frame in wood blockboard, outside with raw-sawn oak veneer, inside with smooth oak and wooden drawers will give you a kitchen to enjoy for many years to come. 

Flexible suspension - You can choose to hang the kitchen cabinets on the rail or
set it on plinth or alternatively on steel smiths. 


The unique raw-sawn surface, B&S design language and solid craftsmanship
create together timeless classics.




An assignment beyond the ordinary.


Here we were introduced early in the project, which came to include everything from special solutions in kitchens,
wardrobes, beds, bathroom cabinets, exterior doors, interior doors, sliding doors, hall decor, and bookcase to
wine cellars. Together with our architect Michael Pietsch, we worked out all the different units, always in close
cooperation with the customer and our skilled carpentries. A creative and exciting house project.


With inspiration from our pattern doors, the customer wanted us to draw a custom pattern for the house.
The pattern reappears in the house's sliding doors and exterior door but also as woven lamb wool blankets.


Book a meeting with us and we will help you plan your new kitchen and other furnishings.



Kitchen for a design and food interested young couple. In an apartment with a not-too-large kitchen where
they could cook for many people, the couple chose a bench module on a high base and a cabinet on the rail.
The kitchen matches the couple's interior style and became just as good as both they and we wanted.
Their simple white tiles and stylish black lamps became a perfect setting for the kitchen in raw sawn oak.


"We thought of Ikea but found Bucks and Spurs and fell completely in love with their kitchens, everything
became exactly as we imagined, though better. In addition to supplying kitchens we also got help with
interior decorationdetails in the kitchen"




Book a meeting with us and we will help you plan your new kitchen.



In a turn-of-the-century apartment with high ceilings, some special solutions were needed for the new kitchen.
Extra-high wall cabinets for more storage space created a need to reach the top of the cabinets. We solved this with
a ladder that matches the kitchen. Even the tall cabinets were maxed out in height for storage above the fridge/freezer.
This kitchen is on a low base to give room for a full-height dishwasher. The family chose a black granite countertop
along with a sink and tap in dark gray silk granite. The fittings in the kitchen are Bucks and Spur's own cast iron fittings.


"After visiting several kitchen suppliers I came to B&S which gave me both a superb service and an incredibly

nice delivery. We are so happy with our new kitchen and enjoy it every day."  




Book a meeting with us and we will help you plan your new kitchen.



At Kungsholmen in Stockholm there is this 30s apartment, with open floor plan, which has undergone a complete renovation
and where we were given the assignment to design and manufacture the kitchen. The wish of the designinterested and initiated
couple living here was to make a really well-functioning and good looking kitchen with a large kitchen island and plenty of pantry.
The kitchen island has been placed on steel skids which gives an industrial feel to the kitchen, this is also picked up in the pantry's
glass section with steel doors which makes you look in there and experience it as part of the kitchen. The pantry has the same
wooden interior as the rest of the kitchen.


"We are so happy with the final result. Big thanks to you, Helena and Marina for your support during the whole process."


Nonne & Cilla


Book a meeting with us and we will help you plan your new kitchen.


book a meeting with us

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