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a painted front in ash.


Our new front COLOR + is a beautifully painted front. The painted ash veneer and a bevelled edge, gives it an elegant expression. We have selected 6 different colors that complement our wooden fronts in oak and walnut: 
Kalk, Sommarsnö, Lätthet, Doft, Pale Linden, Form. The colors come from Lady Jotun. A painted wooden door with semi-matt lacquer. This front is a beautiful combination with doors in oak or walnut if you want to mix painted wooden fronts with wood surfaces.

You can also choose to have the same color on the walls and carpentry in the kitchen if you want.

Just like our other doors, color+ is adapted to IKEA's kitchen and wardrobe frames. For a functional and affordable alternative that together with a beautiful wooden craft in painted ash will be sustainable solutions with a lot of feeling and warmth.


Flat Walnut with our long grip handle in walnut combined with wall cabinet and tall cabinets in Color+. Here, the customer chose their own color from Lady Jotun's color scale, "Skandinavisk lys" for the painted fronts and as a wall color.

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