order your wooden fronts to your ikea kitchen. buy now!

kitchen fronts by B&S

 ikeas bases metod and pax

Now we want you who choose to use IKEA's kitchen bases for your kitchen to also be able
to enjoy a wooden kitchen in our design and therefore offer fronts and cover pages that fit
on these bases. Our fronts are available in two different versions and colors. Neutral with white pigment or darker brown pigment. The fine raw-sawn surface has a matte lacquer
that makes it easy for you to keep clean.


We manufacture all our fronts in Sweden with talented carpenters who have the feel for
our product. We do this because we love natural materials, quality and classic design.


Your kitchen project starts with IKEA's Metod bases. Then you order fronts with us.
Of course, you can replace your fronts in existing kitchens if they are on IKEA's Metod
bases. In addition, we offer fronts for IKEA PAX wardrobes for hall, bedroom or other
place where you need storage.


Kitchen solutions with our wooden fronts fit nicely in both mountain houses, holiday homes and in houses, farms in the countryside or apartments in town.

buy fronts to your ikea kitchen here. shop now.

B&S cast iron fittings

Handles /fittings in cast iron in our own design. Each bracket
is to get its own feel and fine craftsmanship. Fits just as nicely as handles in the kitchen, for bathrooms, wardrobes etc.


The fittings are available in three different sizes: cc96 mm, cc224 mm, cc410 mm.

You can also get the handles with leather upholstered in brown or black leather.

order your wooden fronts to your ikea kitchen. buy now!

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