We started Bucks and Spurs 2013 with the ambition and drive to create a new brand that offers products with a sense of beautiful craftsmanship in materials that inspire and surprise in both idea and form and that have a story to tell. The focus is also on the visual experience and the sense of the brand in our store environment.


After running an advertising agency for many years there was the idea of ​​creating something new and
the challenge for us was to take the step into a whole new industry. During the years at our advertising agency, we had a number of event assignments and the pleasure and joy of creating visual experiences and contexts were with us all the time.


On Karlavägen 58 in our new showroom/shop we started our journey. Shortly thereafter, we launched Railway Kitchen 2013, a new kitchen concept in collaboration with architect Michael Pietsch. Great effort and much time was spent on finding really good craftsmen and carpenters in order to be able to supply
the kitchens and our other products. Quality and high standards of everything have been important to us from the start. Railway Kitchen received a fantastic reception from both press and customers. In a short time, our kitchen was published and mentioned in several interior magazines. We were proud and incredibly happy when Railway Kitchen received the 2015 Kitchen of the Year award at the Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards and later also a nice nomination for the Gold Chair at the Architectural Gallery. What a fantastic year!


Since then, we have developed new products and we continue to do so, both things that belong to the kitchen but also things like the Hopi furniture collection. It is more artistic than commercial. Also such things has a place here with us.


In addition to our own products, our concept contains several exciting and sometimes a little odd things from all over the world. Such things we find ourselves, but also those that find us in different ways. Collaborations with other designers, manufacturers, photographers, artists and craftsmen warm our hearts.


You will find everything here on our website and in our webshop.

Under “Right now” you will see where to meet us during the fall and winter.

 Hope to see you soon


Helena and Marina



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