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New - Give Your Kitchen

a Unique Look with Beautifully Rounded Corners.

Now, we offer an exciting new option to give your kitchen a more organic feel. You can now choose cabinet sides in Flat Oak or Flat Walnut with rounded corners/edges.

Instead of the typical straight edges, the rounded corners create a visual softness that allows the cabinets to blend into the space with

a more inviting form.


If you have a kitchen island, you have the option to have one or

both short sides with rounded corners. This gives the kitchen island

a particularly prominent place in the kitchen, making it a focal point that attracts attention.


Create smooth transitions and harmony between the kitchen and living room.



to our


Our oak or walnut cover sides with rounded corners are delivered complete with screws so you can easily mount the rounded cover panels to the frame.

Call or email us and we will help you with your order.

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