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Kitchen front in oak or walnut for ikea's frames?

Our passion is wood. All of our wooden kitchens and cabinets are manufactured in Sweden with solid craftsmanship and details. Whether you choose to buy a kitchen entirely in wood
or choose to buy our wooden fronts for IKEAS bases, you get something unique in the price level that suits you. We make no exceptions to that. The craftsmanship and wood feel is
Bucks and Spurs signum. A kitchen you can enjoy for many years to come.

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new - Give your kitchen a unique look with beautifully rounded corners.

We are happy to introduce an exciting addition to our range. We now offer exclusive cover panels for our Flat design series in natural oak and genuine walnut. What makes these cover panels unique is their elegant curvature, creating a harmonious and flowing shape. Our cover panels are available for ordering for base cabinets, wall cabinets, high cabinets, and for your kitchen island, giving you the opportunity to create a cohesive and stylish look throughout the kitchen. Alternatively, you can use the rounding as a fine detail.


Are you planning for a new kitchen?

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flat oak or flat walnut - vibrant fronts for Ikea bases.

Our FLAT design series is an elegant smooth front in oak or walnut. Doors and fronts have
a smooth veneer in different widths, thus creating a vivid expression. Every kitchen and wardrobe with these doors get their unique look. A beautiful wooden craft in oak or walnut that becomes sustainable solutions with 
a lot of feeling and warmth at your home at a very good price.

Flat Oak Brown - A new addition to our design series 'Flat' is a brown oak veneer with hard wax oil

The deep brown tone of the veneer creates a warm feeling and brings the fine structure and character of the oak to life. The doors are adapted to IKEA's kitchen and wardrobe bases.



flat walnut

painted front in ash veneer

Color+ is our new painted wooden front in ash veneer. With a bevelled edge as a designed detail. We have picked six different colors for you to choose from, that also looks great together with our elegant wooden fronts in oak or walnut. For a more seamless look - paint your kitchen walls in the same color as your Color+ fronts.

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do you have a finished ikea drawing and want to know what it costs with our fronts? 
we help you . fill in the form and add the link with your ikea drawing and you will receive a quote within 2 days. 

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Railway Kitchen was nominated for the Gold Chair
in 2015 with reasons:


"Railway Kitchen is a kitchen on rails where the kitchen modules are mounted on wall rails. The suspension system gives both great flexibility and an airy impression which gives a nice contrast to the solid oak modules and the rustic materials. The design language is both classic and innovative. Railway Kitchen takes a playful leap forward in what a kitchen can be and offer a wealth of opportunities while challenging the convention ... "


Kitchen of the Year 2015
ELLE Decoration Awards  


"The nicest kitchen we've seen in a long time. Fully handmade in solid materials and with an innovative suspension technology that creates new opportunities."

Bucks and Spurs - a swedish brand in scandinavian design from 2013.

Our passion is wood, craftsmanship, and design. Right from the start, the idea was to create an interior concept with flexible modules. Railway Solution was launched in 2014, featuring kitchens, sliding doors, and wardrobes. "Railway Kitchen" was awarded Kitchen of the Year in 2015 at the Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards, and later received a prestigious nomination for the Golden Chair at the Architecture Gala. We still produce the Railway Kitchen Original in rough-cut oak, hanging on a steel rail, on order. It remains our timeless and award-winning classic. We also offer custom-made, tailored wooden kitchens, and other interior designs in our style. Feel free to contact us with your projects. Welcome!


Design and Manufacturing of Wooden Kitchen Doors for IKEA Kitchen Frames

We want you, who choose IKEA's kitchen frames for your kitchen or Pax wardrobe frames, to also be able to enjoy Swedish wood craftsmanship in our design. Therefore, we offer doors, drawer fronts, cover sides, filtting pieces, etc., in oak, walnut,
and painted ash that are compatible with these frames.

Raw Oak - The doors/fronts feature the same beautiful rough-cut surfaces in oak as our Railway Original kitchens.

Flat Oak and Flat Walnut - A smooth door in specially tailored oak and walnut veneers that are pattern-matched vertically.

COLOR+ A painted door with a bevelled edge in ash, where the fine structure of the wood comes to the forefront.


Kitchen, wardrobes, bedside tables, sideboards, or bookshelves? DIY - Ikea hacks.

The possibilities are endless; with our fronts, you can create the interior you desire and need. Ikea frames; Metod and Pax,
transform into numerous furniture combinations with completely unique expressions. Mix wooden fronts with painted ones

or create beautiful contrasts between different wood types and textures.


made in sweden

We have chosen to manufacture our wooden products in Sweden. With proximity to our production, we can be involved

in the processes, providing us with greater flexibility and saving time in many aspects.


We want to make it easy for you to get a new kitchen - personalized and cost-effective.

We can assist you throughout the kitchen process. You choose which steps in the kitchen planning you want help with. All you need is a drawing of your new kitchen, which you can create in Ikea's planning program, Homeplanner, or we can help you with it. You just need to provide the measurements in the kitchen/room that we need to create a drawing for you. Now it's easy for us to give you a quote for what you want to order from us, such as drawer fronts, doors, cover panels, etc. You order the frames and other parts directly from Ikea.


We know there is a lot to consider when you are changing or building a new kitchen, especially the type of front you want.

With us, you can order a material sample of the doors you are interested in. This allows you to see and feel the wood veneer and the finish: matte lacquer, hard wax oil, or painted surface. You can order your sample in our webshop.


You are always welcome to contact us, and we will gladly assist you with your interior projects.


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