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Our kitchens and other products do not follow any seasonal trends - they are timeless
and there fore there is no need to produce a new collection every season.
It is simply not necessary when both design and quality are timeless. Our goal is
for you to enjoy our kitchens and other products for many years.



Decorate your home with our beautiful oak doors such as sliding door, room divider, wardrobe or interior door. The doors are nice to combine with each other.


Our Barndoors, are manufactured with a surface of rough-cut oak and can be obtained with or without Y-decor. The pattern doors The Art of Canoeing, Indian Horses and Hopi can be made with a see thru or with a closed pattern.


All doors can be ordered and hung on a rail, for other sliding door

solution or fitted with a door frame.

HOPI stool kiva

Despite its neat expression, this stool is a strong little workhorse function almost anywhere. Sit where you want. Meditate, think, discuss or just enjoy. The stool is in oak with seat and décor in leather from Tärnsjö tannery. A detailed and beautiful craft. The Kiva stool is part of
"Hopi Collection 2017" which also includes the Kawayo cabinet and the Hopi pattern.


Amazing blankets in 100% lamb wool with our different designs The Art of Canoing and Indian Horses. The blankets are woven in different colors, but never more than ten of each. So if you like any of the colors we have for the moment take a look in our webshop now.

RAW frames

Frame in oak with raw-cut surfaces and front glass with a distance
for the opportunity to frame anything from image to something textile or other. Back cover in oak veneer. The frame is hung on a strip that you screw on the wall. Sizes are 50x70 cm, 70x100 cm.

Order item. To order, please contact us.





"Then a man is part of his canoe, he is part of all that canoes have ever known" . The poster is part of "The Art of Canoeing" collection which also includes our blanket and door.

hopi cabinet KAWAYO

The cabinet is part of "Hopi Collection 2017" which also includes the Kiva stool and the Hopi pattern. A unique cabinet that in the imagination like horses stands and stomps and wants to go.


The cabinet is in oak with a beautiful deer skin inside and on the hand-sewn handle. It comes with hand-carved legs and is made to order in
a numbered edition of ten pieces.

To order, please contact us.

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