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flat walnut - front in walnut veneer

flat walnut -

new in our design series Flat

A modern, elegant and lively walnut front. We select all walnut veneer that is sewn in different widths and become unique patterns on fronts, cover sides, doors etc. All our kitchens get their personal touch in patterns, tones and expressions. A natural wooden kitchen in every way.


flat oak - front in smooth oak veneer


We are now launching a new oak front. Our new FLAT design series, which we have developed in collaboration with Elin Skoglund, is an elegant smooth vibrant oak fronts. Doors and fronts have a smooth oak veneer of different widths, thus creating a vivid expression.

Every kitchen with this oak fronts gets its unique look.
The surface has a matte lacquer that makes it easy for you
to keep clean. A beautiful wood craft in oak that turns into sustainable kitchens with a lot of feeling and warmth.

coallaboration with lifestyle influencer elin skoglund.

Elin has completely renovated her new apartment with many own ideas and a lot of DIY - self projects with great focus on natural materials and with a good sense of the whole. When we got in touch with Elin it turned out that she had decided on a kitchen in oak and  liked them to fit in with IKEA's kitchen bases. We thought that sounded interesting and an exciting way for us to expand our range. Together we have now developed the FLAT OAK front which gives Elin's kitchen the modern, natural and luxurious expression she envisioned. A Swedish wooden craft together with IKEA's super-functional kitchen bases for an affordable solution.


If you want to see more of Elin's fantastic kitchen and the renovation of the apartment, check out her youtube channel.

Click on: See also more pictures on her blog: 


raw oak - front of oak

In our kitchen RAW all fronts have hand sawn oak veneers. A rough-cut surface that

gives each kitchen its unique look. A genuine craft that turns into sustainable kitchens

with a lot of feeling and warmth.

RAW OAK is available in two different versions, with standing or laying wood, and in two different colors, neutral with white pigment or darker brown pigment. 


order your

raw oak fronts

in our webshop!


the fronts are available in two colors - neutral white pigment och darker brown pigment.


You can get your RAW fronts with standing or
laying tree direction/plank. 
(lay) or (stand).

Watch the film about how we make our premium door RAW OAK. 

Join us in the carpentry and see when our carpenter Jonas manufactures a completely unique raw-sawn front. A job with many elements which requires great knowledge and accuracy in wood crafts. That we can offer this raw-sawn oak door for IKEA's frames is something completely unique in itself.

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