New and unique in the world of Bucks and Spurs – Hopi collection

Our inspiration, driving force for fine craftsmanship and the feeling you get from meetings

and coincidences are things that give birth to ideas. Sometimes, but not always, these ideas lead
to something that one simply feels has to be done. The work on this collection started
a few years ago sketching out our pattern "Indian Horses". Here comes the continuation ... 

And this is the story of how these furniture came about ...  


Our friend Bim has traveled to Arizona in the United States several times. From the beginning it was
to buy vintage western saddles and take them home to Sweden. Bim is a saddle maker but is also skilled at sewing clothes and other things in leather. During her first trip to Arizona, she came into close contact with the Hopi Indians, something that was not planned at all but something that just happened. She got to experience how the Indians live and how their society works. This led to, among other things, that she sewed ceremonial clothes in fine deer skins to several tribal members.

During one of our visits to Bim, she showed us the beautiful skins she bought in Hopiland/Arizona,
but also many fine objects made by the Native Americans and clothes that she sewed. With us home
from Bim now followed some of the fine skins. They came to be inspiration and an important part of
the new that slowly began to take shape. The name of our collection was of course "Hopi Collection".


Stepping into Magnus carpentry is a journey of discovery. Here, wood materials are mixed with old fine machines, tools, metal parts from old aircraft and unfinished things. A chaos arranged of Magnus and
for us an inspiration and treasure hunt, a dusty one. In the middle of the mess stood a beautiful wood carved horse leg. We couldn't let it go. It became another piece of the puzzle ... Eventually we asked Magnus to shape a new horse leg but in a slightly different way than he did before, now more rough
and chopped. We wanted it to have a rustic look. It took a long time to find the right shape and feel on the leg. That this would be the legs of the cabinet we sketched on was now obvious.


There were many trips to Magnus to slowly work out the shape of the cabinet and the horse legs before the cabinet got its final appearance.


The cabinet is part of "Hopi Collection 2017" which also includes the Kiva stool and the Hopi pattern.
A unique cabinet that in the imagination like horses stands and stomps and wants to go. You carefully grab the thin hand forged and leather-made fittings and the doors open like two wings. Now the cabinet reveals its secrets - your most valuable items or collections. When you slowly close the doors, the cabinet "looks still" again and rests securely on the horse legs.


The cabinet is made in oak with a beautiful deer skin on the inside. It comes with the hand-carved
legs, made to order in a numbered edition of ten pieces.



The stool Kiva is a strong little workhorse despite its neat expression and function almost anywhere.
Sit where you want. Meditate, think, discuss or just enjoy. The stool is in oak with seat and décor in leather from Tärnsjö tannery. A detailed and beautiful craft.



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