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premiere - FLAT WALNUT in our design series flat.

A modern, elegant and lively walnut front. We select all walnut veneer
that is sewn in different widths and become 
unique patterns on fronts,
cover sides, doors etc. All our kitchens get their personal touch in patterns,
tones and 
expressions. A natural wooden kitchen in every way.


new - flat oak front to Ikea's bases in collaboration with ELIN SKOGLUND

New front - vibrant FLAT OAK for Ikea bases.

Our new FLAT design series, which we have developed in collaboration with
the lifestyle influencer Elin Skoglund, is an elegant smooth front in oak. Doors and fronts have a smooth veneer in different widths, thus creating a vivid expression.

The doors are adapted to IKEA's kitchen and wardrobe bases. Every kitchen

and wardrobe with these doors get their unique look. A beautiful wooden craft

in oak that becomes sustainable solutions with a lot of feeling and warmth

at your home at a very good price.


wooden kitchens

wooden fronts

to ikea kitchens

Our passion is wood. All of our wooden kitchens and cabinets are manufactured in Sweden with solid craftsmanship and details. Whether you choose to buy a kitchen entirely in wood
or choose to buy our wooden fronts for IKEAS bases, you get something unique in the price level that suits you. We make no exceptions to that. The craftsmanship and wood feel is
Bucks and Spurs signum. A kitchen you can enjoy for many years to come.

Are you planning for a new kitchen?Click in and be inspired by a selection of kitchen projects we have produced.

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Railway Kitchen was nominated for the Gold Chair
in 2015 with reasons:


"Railway Kitchen is a kitchen on rails where the kitchen modules are mounted on wall rails. The suspension system gives both great flexibility and an airy impression which gives a nice contrast to the solid oak modules and the rustic materials. The design language is both classic and innovative. Railway Kitchen takes a playful leap forward in what a kitchen can be and offer a wealth of opportunities while challenging the convention ... "


Kitchen of the Year 2015
ELLE Decoration Awards  


"The nicest kitchen we've seen in a long time. Fully handmade in solid materials and with an innovative suspension technology that creates new opportunities."

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